Brand Audit

Does Your Brand Perform Great?

A brand audit program that evaluates your brands position and value in the market. We bring out what people think about your brand? especially your customers and strategies actionable tips and advice from the brand strategist.

Who Need Brand Audit

Are you a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

If yes, you are on the right please now. We at Startup Flame provide a complete third-eye perspective of your brand.
The brand should create a permanent impression in people’s minds by its value and pride. When a person like you who has created a brand, it is difficult for you to analyze its pros and cons as you are so close to it.

Evaluate and Recommend a better method.

Deliver all relevant aspects of a brand. Measures awareness, attitude, and buying behaviour the brand carries with it. Brand Audit is necessary for all brands and can repeat many times a year to understand the change in the customer’s mind.

Focusing on Target Audiences

Brand Audit should be done for all audiences. We follow an industry-specific, customer-specific research plan to identify the clients, for both B2B and B2C brands.

Targeted Customer - Startup Flame

Deliver Benchmark guidance

Our Brand Audit program provides insights into the position of your brand compared to competitors, with reference points, and how to improve your perceived brand value.

How it Works?

Are you a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

We at StartupFlame is on a mission to help  people to build your income through your passion by transforming your brand influence. Learn creative brand techniques and secrets from the industry professionals in a no classroom environment. Access to our sessions at your chosen time by distance-based learning tools.

Pros & Cons
Of your brand


Action Plan

The Process

Step 01

Brand Audit starts in a weeks time once you share all your brand and marketing touch points to us. After purchasing out brand audit program, you will receive an email with instruction on how to share it to us through secured an exclusive link. 

Step 02

Brand Strategists from Startup Flame carefully analyse and evaluate your brand through our proven brand audit process. Incase of any additional requirement, our team will get back to you.

Step 03

Brand Audit Report will be presented to you though a video call and share with you the findings and opportunities. We also provide exclusive action plan, the outcome of brand audit program and we recommend the same to implement. If you wish, Startup Flame can help you at additional cost.

Brand Audit

AU$ 999 AU$ 450

Brand Audit is a regular process for every brand as the landscape will continue to change. The brands need to continually update and innovate to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.