Brand Priority Program

A Simple, Clear, Powerful message brings Growth in Business.

As an emerging entrepreneur, new startup or a growing small business, the challenge is to take your brand to the next level. Here we help you to achieve your expectations.

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Brand Priority Program

Welcome to Four Day Brand Priority Program

Branding is a soul for businesses across the industry. 
In this course, I will take you thought key branding principles.   
  1.  Why you need to build a Brand?
  2. Difference between building a Business and building a Brand
  3. Brand is something Logo, Font, Color, so on…
  4. What the purpose of Brand?
  5. What is Brand direction?
  6. How to build a Brand?
Brand Inventive Program - Startup Flame

Brand Priority Program

  • Four Days in a week
  • An hour a day
  • Daily Exercise 
  • Direct Interaction

Note: Check date and time before booking

$199 $49

BONUS – 1:
Private invitation to ‘StartupFlame Circle’
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Be a part of Exclusive Facebook community 
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Be a part of Exclusive Startup Flame – Exclusive ‘ClubHouse’ Membership 
BONUS – 4:
Free Surprise Gift worth $114 for all the participants.
I am super excited to meet you all in this online program. 

Maximise the Power of Your Brand!

What you get?

Step 01 - Customer Mapping

Ensure that you download FREE e-guide Discover Your Brand Name  – a simple steps to build a big brand

Step 02 - Brand Statement

Join our community ’StartupFlame Circle’

Brand Priority Program

AU$ 199 AU$ 49
*Limited Period Offer

Inviting you to join the successful brands those who are associated with us. The brand is an investment for your business.  A well-planned investment will always pay off in the long-run.