Entrepreneur Engineering

Unleash the Entrepreneur within you

Everyone wish to build something bigger than themselves. This program is designed to help you attract the right clients and grow your business next level.

Entrepreneur Engineering

No clients? Need More Money? Need more Growth?

What’s wrong? Why I am not getting clients?  My revenue isn’t growing and sometimes its going negative. I am trying to grow better but fail always.
Why all the roads are closed? 
Do you know, you can prevent all of it from happening to you. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn the engineering behind it. 

How to attract clients?

Is it easy to get clients? Yes, If you follow a few core brand strategy in your business, you will gain more visibility. Whatever you communicate needs to be synced with your product or service. When a client is looking for some requirement, and your portfolio hits him right, he is your potential lead.

Never miss your dream client.

Working with a dream company or brand is a lifetime opportunity. Never miss it. We teach you how you can close the deal, and your dream client is now your esteemed client.

Lost your client - Startup Flame

You value your work with Right Price!

Everyone needs money, and it is the lifeline for every business. Are you pricing rightly for your product/service? If not, then you are in trouble. Every work you do should bring in profit and make your business grow positively. Month on month revenue growth can scale your business smoothly.

Deliver your 100 percent

Amazing work is always appreciated. Great clients expect great work. Quality of work speaks for itself. When quality is the key in your business the process from start to end would deliver great work.

100 percent - Startup Flame

How it Works?

Are you a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

We at StartupFlame is on a mission to help people to build your income through your passion by transforming your brand influence. Learn creative brand techniques and secrets from the industry professionals in a no classroom environment. Access to our sessions at your chosen time by distance-based learning tools.

Let us start the program Now.

Price Your
Work Right



How it Works?

Tune-in your Mindset

Be Positive and stay confident. Away from negative thoughts, negative people and the negative world.

Communication is everything

Communication is an art, and your message needs to showcase your confidence, attitude, and integrity. Speak your mind with your clients and always be on the same page.

Learn how to negotiate

Be a great listener, and you can read your client mind easily and use the right tactics to turn every objection into acceptance.

Win & onboard your client

Closing the deal is a happy moment. Summarise the key points relating to that project, and to keep that momentum, have a transparent onboarding process so that your clients feel comfortable.

Entrepreneur Engineering

AU$ 450 AU$ 99

Here is your pursuit of Entrepreneurship. We are industry professionals from around the world to help you in your entrepreneurship process.