Fund Engineering

Startup Fundraising Secrets

Fund Pitching – Discover different funding options available for a startup business to secure your funding.

Fund Engineering

Get started with Right Pitch.

Designed to address how successfully we can raise funding for your Startup or early-stage companies. Must know about raising funds includes professional advice from Investors and business experts.

Basics of Funding - Startup Flame

How does funding work?

We are going to discuss startup funding as something you just need to do.

Understand the basics of how funding works, from start to the end. Providing the easiest way to understand and a detailed explanation of the process.

Various options available

While funding options are numerous, each choice comes with various stipulations.
We discover different funding options for your startup, whether you are a startup entrepreneur seeking financial growth.

Options - Startup Flame
Identify - Startup Flame

identifying the investors

Most of the Investors invest in people, and then they investigate the idea.

Entrepreneurs must realize that each investor group or venture capital fund has a unique investment focus.

Delivering Hot Pitch

A solid elevator pitch ensures that you know your business inside and out. Not only for funding, but it also shows how confident and passionate you have with your idea or business.

Learn tips and tricks to deliver the right pitch.

Hot Pitch - Startup Flame

Who need this?

Are you a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

  • To understand how to get funding for the business.
  • Entrepreneur starting his or her business
  • Have a business and considering raising funds for launch and/or development.




The Steps

We need to learn some basic things about fundraising. Funding is not the most critical factor in the success of a new business. 

Fundraising is never been easy for startup entrepreneurs and it might take a long time than expected. This course is full of investment case studies and ready-made worksheets, which will help you to quickly develop your startup funding model or financial plan.

This course outlines:

  • Learn the Basics of Fundraising
  • Key Facts that Impact Fundraising
  • Fundraising Challenges 
  •  Investor expectations
  •  Finding Investors & Venture capitals
  • Right Pitch for Success
  • Developing Action Plan
  • Must Have Resources

Fund Engineering

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Here is the solution to all your questions! The program focus on how to pitch, where to look and what platform to use.