Got Fired? Congratulations, It Is Time For Entrepreneurship

People have only two choices in life, to continue or to find another way. Entrepreneurship is always a wise choice if you are stuck in your way.

Choose Your Path wisely.

Getting Laid off from a job is not inviting. It is stressful and takes your confidence down. 

While most of them take it as a life breaking session, only a few take this as their rejuvenating period.

I was driving to a client meeting which is a little far away from the city. I started early to avoid traffic and luckily out of the city in fifteen minutes. Their office is located in a remote place and needs to take some unlaid roads. I took the right turn and continue driving. After a couple of miles, I found the road was closed as a large tree was uprooted because of heavy rain yesterday. No one was there as it is a remote location. My way was closed. I cannot reach my destination on time. 

What should I need to do? No, a second chance. I need to find another alternative way to reach.

Take a turn and asked people over there to find an alternative way. They mentioned few, most preferred a particular route. But it might take some more time to reach as it is comparatively a long route. 

Time to decide, now. I choose the long route, reached the destination bit late, but managed to reach my destination, which is very important. 

Coming to the point, as a qualified human, as an intellectual, you should find a way to reach your destination. You are jobless, the journey in your old office is closed. Now, you should look for another opportunity. 

Think that it is an opportunity to create an even better life by starting a small business. 

Business? Are you kidding? What do I know about business?

Well, understand that entrepreneurs are not born as an entrepreneur. The situations and their wise decision make them become an entrepreneur. It is your mind that needs to convince. 

You might ask, it is not an easy way like how you find another way to reach the client office as you did, it is way more than what you think. 

Yes, I agree. But when the roads are closed, It is foolish to cry or feel sad and wait for help. Life has many opportunities. Look around, find a way out. Standing there is not going to help you anymore. You need to MOVE. Yes, MOVE.

“The opportunity always come in the way of failure.” 

We think it is unfair, but that is the reality. We need to decide to either find a new job or jump into entrepreneurship.

One can think, being an entrepreneur is not easy. It is a rollercoaster ride. What will happen if I fail? I always say, do not pre-judge everything without trying or analysing. 

There is a chance of failure, and there is a high chance of success too. What if you succeed? Will you say no to it? Sometimes in life, you should take some risks. I am not talking about blind risk, take a calculated risk.

Take advice from experts, know your limit, learn the techniques, and finally live with your passion. 

Who defines your success? Is it you or someone else? 

The term success has much meaning may be getting their first customer, achieving their dream life, for some, it is to pass the day with food. 

You define yours.

Let us take an example if you are an HR professional and got fired. Think of starting your HR consultancy firm. You know the pain point of the human resource team very well. Try to give them solutions with your value add service. You are an expert in your domain. 

Approach some known friends who are working for other companies. I know my friend who was laid off from a Fortune 500 company and started his consulting firm, and in two years, he becomes a permanent staffing partner to his ex-company. 

Start simple. Create a website, use social media and start pitching your thoughts and services. You don’t need to invest a lot. Try it out. Who knows, you might become a successful entrepreneur as it is not for only someone.

Final Thought

Lost your job, think of starting your business. You are standing at a crossroads. You choose to re-enter the job market or start your own. Don’t think of risk. It is always there in everyone’s life. 

No-Risk; No Gain, so take a step and move forward. Try to find your freedom and start your entrepreneurial journey, it is not guaranteed, but no one can give us a lifetime guarantee.

Starting a business is not for everyone. You ask me, I will choose this when I do not have another choice. I cannot wait till I get a new, so-called ‘Secured Job’.

Find your business plan, find your mentor and launch your business successfully. 

Remember, The Best is Yet to Come.


Image Courtesy: Photo by Matthew Osborn on Unsplash

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