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The Fact

We help you in preparing the books of account but also help you in putting the right accounting practice in place as required as per Indian Accounting Standards. Business in the modern world requires real-time update and analysis of activity to see where we stand in the market.

Types of Services

Virtual CFO can be customised to suit your company’s accounting, and financial services. 

Accounting Services - Startup Flame

We take care of your company’s book keeping and daily accounting requirements. 

Tax audit is an analysis of the tax returns presented by a business or individuals. 

Wish to expand to Indian Market?

Start your Indian Subsidiary Company, Now!

Company that is owned by a foreign company is known as an Indian Subsidiary. We help in Incorporation of your foreign company as Indian subsidiary in India.

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Entrepreneurship Programs

To ensure that the new business is given the best start, it is imperative to consult an advisor with specialised experience in dealing with business registration. Book your meeting with us, FREE!

Other Services

Business man - Startup Flame

We help Entrepreneurs and Families with various business registration processes.

Australia ABN Registration - Startup Flame

Focus on your Business, leave the procedures and filings to us. We manages your company’s tax returns.

India Business Licences - Startup Flame

Licences are required to run your business is actually a certificate of permission to carry out business.

Australia Discretionary Trust - Startup Flame

We help you to register a Non-profit organisations (Trust/Society/Sec.8 company) in India.

Trademark - Startup Flame

Intellectual Property is a nonphysical asset which contains a set of powers to control the ownership of the asset.

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We help you to expand Your Business Globally!

Australia Company Formation - Startup Flame

Australia - Company Formation

We help people of Australia to realise their dreams on starting their business. Easy and up-front. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

United States - Company Formation

As a non-resident looking to set up a US company? Register your US company without traveling to United States. Easily launch a US LLC or C Corp.

UK & UAE Coming soon..

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