Brand Engineering

Be a master in Design Space!

Learn how to create mind-blowing graphic design for various industries. How presentations, print, digital, communication mediums are different and understanding the design language.

Brand Engineering

Branding is not Identity, it is a value!

Learn the creative process and best practices from design professionals.

Branding is not a logo or  product. It is a value the people connect with your product, service, or company. Learn the way how the brand is created and impacts people.

Logo Design - Startup Flame

Logo Design

Everyone need a great logo. As logo is visual representation of your brand, every company wants their logo that will help them to lead the market by connecting with their customers upfront.

By learning the best practices from the professionals and understanding the logo design fundamentals, you can easily deliver your clients requirement.


We make you understand the fundamentals of typography to create visually stunning, impactful work. When you start applying typographic principles, and see font types differently, you will understand how and why layouts look professional.
Typography - Startup Flame
Graphic Design - Startup Flame

Graphic Design

You will discover the tools you need for starting a design project and how to organize your deliverables.

Have a deep understanding of typography, color theory, photos, layout, blocking and other design theory and skills.

The Bonus

Color Style &


How it Works?

The Way how it Works?

We setup individual/group zoom call on a regular interval (on weekly basis). Learn the history, principles and techniques of design. 

  • Total 5 week program
  • Permanent member of Startup Flame Tribe

Brand Engineering

AU$ 450 AU$ 99
Work on live projects, not just a theory. Develop confident with fonts, color, layouts and work like a pro. You will get all necessary fundamentals and plenty of design tips and tricks which goes with current trends.