Developing Startup Ecosystem

Help startups in all their specific development stage

We provide startup consulting, innovation entrepreneurship education and training, ecosystem development, mentorship, fundraising and enable 360 degree startup ecosystem.

Business Engagement

Strategy Consulting

We work with you through every step of the start-up process. Business model design, creation of the business plan and ensuring that your product/service is properly positioned for the market. We are able to support you in achieving your financial goals and guiding you to make commercial decisions that best place you to introduce your business in the most effective way within your target market.

Business Ignite

When thinking about starting a business, the most important first step is to determine its structure. Luca will work with you to evaluate all options and select the best structure for your business. This is such a crucial step because your business structure will impact many aspects, including your personal liability, the protection of your assets, set-up and ongoing costs. The structure will also determine various regulatory requirements your company will need to meet.

  • Business Formation Strategy
  • Management Strategy & Planning
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Business Valuation (Existing)
  • Virtual CXO

Empowering Entrepreneurs

We guide you step by step to establish, structure and organise your company. We can implement all of our lessons learnt over many years of successfully setting up your business to help you avoid the common mistakes and issues to give you the best fighting chance and ensure you always start on the right foot.


  • Opportunity Identification
  • Market Segmentation & Sizing
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Driving Forces & Challenges
  • Execution Strategy


  • Identifying your niche
  • Nurture your skillsets and strengths
  • Innovate and Incubate
  • Development support system

Brand Inventive Program

Brand = Art + Science

ART – design, colors, graphics, imagery, fonts

SCIENCE – psychology, sociology, cognitive linguistics

We have a proven process for building brands, saving our clients from wasting energy, hours and marketing dollars trying to figure it out on your own or working with untrained branding professionals

  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning, Promise, Communication
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Virtual CMO

Brand Audit

Is your brand doing great?

what people think about your brand is not the only way to understand your brand. The best way to get actionable tips and advice on your brand is to ask a seasoned, trained branding professional. It’s why we created the Brand Audit.

  • Brand Evaluation
  • Focusing Target Audiences
  • Deliver Benchmark Guidance
  • Recommendation

Fund Harvesting

For those with brilliant and innovative ideas the world is full of funding opportunities. There are many opportunities to secure funding in your local region, alongside notices that are published and available across the globe and through our network of Private Individuals and Companies. We make it easy to identify the most suitable options available to you and work to present your proposal in the most attractive manner to potential investors


  • Business Plan compilation
  • Preparing Presentation for Investor or Stockholders
  • Focus of Successful Finance Model


  • Identifying Strategic Partner/Joint Venture/Investors
  • Comprehensive Reach-Out Exercise
  • Contact Establishment & Co-ordination
  • Mergers & Acquisitions