Brand Inventive Program

A Simple, Clear, Powerful message brings Growth in Business.

As an emerging entrepreneur, new startup or a growing small business, the challenge is to take your brand to the next level. Here we help you to achieve your expectations.

Brand Self Realisation

Do you feel similar to this?

  • Do not have brand guidelines and feel failing to be your brand advocate 
  • Your brand message is not clear and confusing
  • Losing business to your competitors because of brand positioning, though your product and services are much better 
  • Do not have a brand clarity to scale your business to the next level
  • Not happy with your current branding, website, and customer touchpoints
  • Unable to build a loyal customer base
Brand Success - Startup Flame

Let us rewrite your brand success story.

Branding is critical for every company to set itself apart from the competition and define its mission for both customers and employees. 

The real success of the brand is not on what money you make through your business. A strong brand communicates the importance of its mission, policies to its customer base with excellent product or services.

Why Brand Strategy, so Important?

While starting a business, everyone will think of business strategies, marketing strategies, and others. You have a dream to build a super brand. To achieve this, you need to have a brand strategy.

Brand Strategy - Startup flame
Brand Strategy Work - Startup Flame

How Brand Strategy help?

Brand strategy will act as a bridge between business and marketing strategies. 

  • Creative brief to guide your designer to create an impressive visual identity
  • Guide to write content that resonates with your target customers
  • To deliver effective marketing campaigns 
  • Act as an enabler for your sales team to close their deals faster.

What does it deliver?

Path to Branding Success, Business too.

Brand Inventive Program, handcrafted with thirty-plus years of experience in branding and its proven process. Creating a brand strategy is not so easy as people say. Most of the business have a mindset that they don’t ask help from someone outside their organisation. 

People try different strategies and constantly testing through random guesses. It is not the right way to do it. We help you to get it right.

Our Brand Inventive Program is a collaborative experience, created to deliver a great brand strategy. 

By implementing, your brand can:

  • Connect faster with customers emotionally
  • Emerge as a leader in its industry
  • Expand to new market
  • Achieve the real value of its product or service
  • Re-energise your employees and create a vibrant culture within the team
  • Invites partners and investors
  • Last but not least, it increases revenues and profits.

Maximise the Power of Your Brand!

What you get?

Step 01 - Customer Mapping

For any business, customer mapping is the key. There is a fundamental process to know your audience from the demographic, culture, and behavioural perspective. 

Step 02 - Brand Statement

We work closely with your team to develop a brand statement that demonstrates the mission of your company, business policy and connect with your customer.

Step 03 - Personality & Architecture

Your brand should compete with personality and not with the price to its competitor. Brand personality will differentiate you in the market industry. 

Organising your brands will help to organise your offers and define how to brand them in visual perspective.

Step 04 - Competitive Review

Understanding your competitor and how they position their brand is most important. We work with your team and create a process to evaluate some of your competitors. 

Step 05 - Brand Positioning

How you position your brand in customers mind will define your success and how you win over with your competitors. Brand Positioning can be defined as an activity of creating a brand offer in such a manner that it occupies a distinctive place and value in the target customer’s mind.

Step 06 - Brand Promise

It is a promise that your brand provides to your customer when they buy your product or services. We help you to define your brand promise through a five or six-word concept.

Step 07 - Brand Voice

Brand voice is the uniformity in the selection of words, the attitude and values of the brand while addressing the target audience or others. It has set vocabulary, values, and other characteristics which are communicated to the external world in the form of brand voice through the customer touchpoints.

Step 08 - Communication Matrix

We understand that brand message is a very efficient tool that should be used by your marketing and sales team to develop a high conversion ratio, resulting in higher sales turnover.

Step 09 - Implementation

We understand the process involved in pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases and assist your team to develop a complete brand implementation plan. 

Brand Inventive Program

*Customised Program

Inviting you to join the successful brands those who are associated with us. The brand is an investment for your business.  A well-planned investment will always pay off in the long-run.